About Me

About Me
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Welcome! I’m Peter Didsbury, the creator and writer of this blog. I’m an IT security specialist based in the diverse United Kingdom.

My passion lies in exploring and sharing knowledge about medications and herbal remedies that can help with insomnia. All reviews are my opinions and are based on my personal experience with the medications and remedies. 

Personal Interests

When I’m not immersed in exploring the world of sleep remedies or navigating the realm of IT security, I cherish spending quality time with my children discovering the landscapes and natural beauty of the UK. 

Background & Profession

I’ve been involved in the field of IT security for years, dedicating myself to protecting information and strengthening cyber resilience. Through my career I’ve developed an analytical mindset that I apply to researching and reviewing various remedies and solutions for insomnia.

Personal Journey

As a father of two amazing children, I understand the challenges of balancing family life work and personal well being. It hasn’t always been easy for me either, as like others, I have faced many sleepless nights!

It was during those moments that I began exploring remedies, both medicinal options and natural alternatives; in search of restful sleep.

Purpose of the Blog

This blog serves as a platform where I share my discoveries, insights and evaluations on a range of sleep aids; from prescribed medications, to herbal remedies.

My objective is to provide unbiased, trustworthy and easily understandable information that can help other people who are struggling with insomnia in making well informed choices for managing their sleep.

Insomnia RX Guide Mission Statement

My blog is centred around my dedication to sharing unbiased information about my struggles with insomnia and the various ways it can be treated. My goal is to empower my readers by providing you with the knowledge and understanding to make informed choices when dealing with your sleeplessness.

I aim to engage with my readers and the broader community by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where personal experiences, ideas and narratives are shared, fostering mutual learning, support and a collective journey towards improved sleep and overall well being.

Lets Connect!

I invite you to delve into the blog content, share your thoughts and experiences and actively participate in discussions.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions or simply wish to engage in a conversation, about all things related to sleep, technology and hiking in the UK. 

Thank you for visiting my blog, I genuinely hope you find it informative and inspiring!

Best regards,

Peter Didsbury

*All reviews are my opinions and based on my personal experiences. I am not a licensed medical practitioner and always recommend seeking professional advice before trying any remedies or medication.